Development of a personal financial assistant software for multiple platforms

OData support
Budai Péter István
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

The current proliferation of smart devices and broadband internet access is creating an ever increasing need for applications, including financial applications, to be accessible from desktop, mobile and web environments. Software companies are racing to meet this need, more and more products are accessible on at least two out of three platforms. One of the greatest challenges in designing such an application is to provide the same services across platforms taking advantage of the unique opportunities of each one, while simultaneously avoiding redundant duplication of code.

The topic of my thesis is the design of a financial application for desktop, mobile and web platforms. I demonstrate the methods I used to design the application for all three environments and the tools and technologies I used to implement it. Furthermore, I present the selection criteria I used to determine which parts of the code can be shared, and how their platform independence was achieved. Finally, I describe how the features of the application make use of the unique capabilities of each platform.


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