PlanetWars: Online multiplayer game based on Node.js

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Gincsai Gábor
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

Like on all the platforms, there is an increasing popularity of the video games on the Internet as well. It is because the browsers of the mobile phones and computers reached a level, at which games can be run and played enjoyably in a continuous way.

Based on the feedbacks, PlanetWars is not only an entertaining game, but it also brings the pleasure of playing to any generations, moreover, one can run it in any browsers without installation.

Due to developing web technologies, JavaScript lives its renaissance. This programming environment has improved so much on the client side, and on the server side, too, that it can be the rival to its native companions. It has the great advantage of platform-independence, the ability to run the same code the same way in entirely different systems.

During the design of the PlanetWars, there was a strong focus on taking advantage of the possibilities offered by the JavaScript:

• Easy to run on almost any web browser.

• The client and the server side should be easy to operate, and should be easy to upgrade.

• Do not depend on any provided platform features.

• Both client and server side use few resources.

Besides the technical solutions, the gaming experience had to be also important during the design of the game. A game is considered good if it is enjoyable. Because of

that, the creation of PlanetWars had been subjected to testing before

any line of code got written.

I designed the gaming experience taking into consideration of the following aspects:

• an enjoyable game for all generations,

• fast and entertaining,

• provide achievements while playing,

• everyone can find their own tactics, but the game should not be predictable.


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