Plate based colloid analytic process realization with multi channel liquid handling system

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Albert István
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

Nowadays robots are the keys in automation, it is the same in pharmaceutical industry. Robots usually can be programmed by an easy to learn, robot specific language, which has limits. During my work I tried to extend these limits with automatic robot program generation.

The main point of the automated process explained in the thesis is the production of some part of the hits found by the HTS (High Throughput Screening) in greater volume, then put them under PAMPA assay. During the assay we place the API in the donor well, put a membrane filter onto it and three hours later we measure how many API molecules are in the acceptor well above the membrane.

I have done this work at NanGenex Zrt. as a student. During my job I have improved the MTHT project and together with Sándor Semsey, we have made the PAMPA project.

The generation of the robot program has been made in Microsoft .Net environment, because with VB it is easy to access the SQL database and the robot code runner program (Tecan Gemini) runs under Microsoft Windows. The communication with the robot basically has been actualized with VB scripts inserted into the robot program.


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