Platform independent service integration system

OData support
Dr. Simon Balázs
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

Nowadays we use more and more web applications in our daily life for all kinds of tasks. We do our work using many web applications together from our browser on either a mobile device or a personal computer.

Besides the web, the mobile world is also growing and improving fast. Today we can do some tasks faster than on a computer. This is because mobile applications are integrated into a common framework, thus they are able to share data, communicate and command each other in a common way, the way it is in Android for example.

However this is a missing piece from today's web applications. Thus web services that are from different vendors, but share similar functionality still cannot be accessed in a common way from a client, and hence the client needs to implement an interface for each web service.

The solution is to use a common web service integration framework. Web services that share similar functionality should use common interfaces, that vendors should develop together. A central web service registry should map the interface definition to the web service implementations. This way the service registry can delegate implementations to a client that uses one compatible interface, and this way a client needs only to implement one interface for a well-defined functionality. In this framework for the interoperability and command between web applications I got inspired by Android, and I used many of its solution to specify a way to connect web applications simply and effectively. A user of this framework is able to manage all web applications and web services and the connections between them in a common and convenient way. This framework provides and efficient way to integrate web applications and web services.


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