Simulation of plasma in 2D

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Reichardt András László
Department of Broadband Infocommunications and Electromagnetic Theory

Different plasma materials have many industrial and everyday uses. Everyday uses include plasma TV as well as those used in lighting technology. In industrial use, plasma is used for food disinfection and electronic technology in a number of processes. In the latter case, we typically talk about low-temperature plasma, which is also about my dissertation.

In my dissertation, I'm first talking about physical modeling (with the advantages and disadvantages of particle simulation), mathematical solutions and the selected method (particle-mesh, closest grid point implementation), and the solver (the leap frog). According to the screening conditions, I prepared the simulation in two dimensions so that it could be suitable for low-temperature plasma testing.

Based on these, I have detailed my simulation program and show how the Matlab library was managed to be as modular as possible.

Finally, I compare what kind of external effect (the effect of an external electric / magnetic field, or if the potentials from electromagnetic traps can escape).


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