Arranging polimorfic shapes in eMagazines

OData support
Albert István
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

Today, one of the biggest challenges in eMagazines to ensure the demanding magazine experience in different screen-sized devices, taking advantage of the digital technology benefits has given. In contrast to the traditional paper-based magazine with an electronic device the font and screen size dynamically changes and this is a big challenge for the design of an appropriate layout.

My thesis aims to develop a module which is integrated in the eMagazine framework, the module capable to optimally place different shaped formations which are composed of a picture and a text for any particular screen size. Solving this task is closely related to packing problems. Therefore, I discuss the different parts of the packaging problems and sub-problems that arise during their solution. An important packing problem is the strip packing problem, which fits to the thesis topic.

To solve the above problems, various solving methods I present, and then discuss the operation of the module which I made, and show the details of implementations. The completed module from the given shapes can make a layout for any device.


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