Designing and implementing a project management productivity tool

OData support
Dr. Mezei Gergely
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

The project management applications are getting more and more common nowadays, because organizations place great emphasis on the unified handling of tasks within a single system, keeping in mind the efficiency, the organization and tracking of inner processes.

Besides that, people tend to want keeping track of their everyday tasks to handle the tasks in an organized fashion and improve the self efficiency. The support of these needs is getting more comfortable and easier by the Internet connected devices.

In my thesis, I address how it is possible to handle these two aspects in a single management software. First of all, I investigate the available applications in the market of these two aspects (project management, self management). Combining the information gathered with my own ideas, I determine those fundamental functions that my application has to implement. After elabroating of functional and non-functional requirements, a detailed application plan is presented. As next, I choose the tools to use to implement my solution in the highest possible quality. In the documentation of the implementation phase, I discuss the development decisions and their connections to the architectural layers. I use efficient solutions to solve the arising issues. At last but not least, I present the finished application through a case study, evaluate the application, and summarize my achievements and experiences gained during this project.


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