Development of a programming educational software using Java

OData support
Dr. Umenhoffer Tamás
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

Under my thesis topic my goal was to develop an educational software, which teaches programming, and problem solving in a playful way from the basics to the advanced level. The program was not intended to teach the theoretical background of programming, but rather practicing them based on the students existing knowledge in a competitive environment.

The developed application, EduPlay, is a framework in which modules can be imported. These modules represent a variety of games, and in these games there are pre-made small and large programming tasks to exercise programming, problem solving, and making algorithms. During the tasks the user must program his or her own player agent’s intelligence, in order to complete the level. The ultimate goal, the final task, is to overcome the module’s well prepared machine AI agent using the knowledge gained by the preliminary smaller tasks.

While developing the program I got insight into game development, Java language and the Java Swing basics, agent programming knowledge gained, and had to learn how to do run-time code translation in JAVA programming language.


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