RPG Game Client based on HTML5 Technology

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Dr. Simon Balázs
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

The thesis is about the development of a browser based MMORPG game’s client side, its obstacles due to the development environment and the problems arising from the fact that users around the world use several kinds of browsers. The game’s server is written in NodeJS a state of the art JavaScript technology with which the client side must communicate with the most extensive way possible.

The paper includes chapters about modern object-oriented JavaScript development, its problems and the solutions for them, Test Driven Development (TDD) development pattern in a JavaScript and HTML5 environment and it searches answer to which design pattern should be used in a JavaScript game like the one it’s about.

The writing compares the browser plugin based client side languages their strengths and their weaknesses compared to HTML and JavaScript and tries to present the latest and the most practicable parts of HTML5, while concentrating on comparing the nowdays well-spread JavaScript frameworks and the way they give solution for the problem of separating the code from the view.


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