Design of a radardetector using low cost ISM radio chip

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Dr. Zólomy Attila Imre
Department of Broadband Infocommunications and Electromagnetic Theory

The topic of my thesis is design of a radardetector using low cost ISM radio chip. I have to design and build a radardetector for the detection of speedometers used on public roads.

In the introduction of my thesis I present the types and principles of speedometers and the possible devices for detection. After this, I specify the task, then I give the specifications of the detected radar.

In the next part, I review the used bibliography and the opportunities of measurments at Silicon Laboratories Hungary Kft.

I build up the complete detector of parts, then finally I build up the detector of all blocks integrated in one circuit. First of all, I maximize one of the harmonics of Si4432, then I design a filter, that only transfers the necessary harmonic. After this, I use a frequency multiplier to get the sign of the local oscillator, which mixes the sign of the radar to an intermediate frequency, where an other Si4432 chip detects the sign of the radar, and signs it on an RSSI output.

I give an overview of the design of the antenna used in radiofrequency part, then I design the complete detector.

I conclude the analysis of the design process with the brief description of the steps, and I give an overview of other opportunities in radar detection of speedometers.


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