Investigation of the quality of radio links using RF IC technology

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Dr. Zólomy Attila Imre
Department of Broadband Infocommunications and Electromagnetic Theory

In the twenty first century the wireless communication is getting more and more importance. It is an easy and environment friendly way of making communication. Because of it I wanted to write my master thesis at a company which is working with this kind of technology and pay attention on environment conscious solutions. Before starting my master thesis I’ve already done internship at the Silicon Laboratories company. I needed to create test assemblies, and I needed to automate measurements. For this I needed to use the company's 446x chip family and the Agilent Vee 9.0 software. For my master thesis we have declared a specific task for me which was my work during the two semesters. I needed to configure one Si4461 chip as a transmitter and one as a receiver and I needed to design a working communication link between the two machines. I needed to do this using the Agilent VEE software while in the later period it could help me to analyze the link and get the measurement results easily. I needed to observe how stable the communication link is and how tolerant it is against the disturbing effects. In the first semester my task was to get to know detailed how the prototype chip works and how can we use it’s complex functions in an effective way. About the usage of the chip my thesis contains a lot of raw informations which is not the most pleasant thing to read. But to understand how important it is to be familiar with the working methods of a complex RFIC these things I found obligatory to write down. During the second semester I needed to make the measurements and try out how the connection works with using different register options on the chip. I also needed to get to know the world of the communication protocols while it was mandatory to increase the speed of the measurements. In the end of the semester I needed to focus on the different problems and errors what the non-proper configuration of the chips can result.


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