Design of radio alarm system modules with microcontroller

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Dr. Iváncsy Szabolcs
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

The protection and supervision of belongings, property and objects have always been of paramount importance. The different existing alarm systems come to help in this task from day to day. Of course, their development with the rapid changes in electronics is as significant as it is in case of any other electrical products.

In the heart of most of the alarm systems and their peripherals, embedded systems can be found. A radio alarm system is a very good example where its task is to implement the radio communication and its protocol.

First, the thesis introduces radio alarm systems from the market, and then it gives an overview of the structure and functionality of the alarm system that has been implemented during the semester.

After this, it follows the design of this radio system starting from the first tests of the central module, continuing with the presentation and description of further modules designed and built this semester. These modules are the following: a wireless motion sensor unit, a wireless magnetic contact unit, a phone line unit and a user keypad unit.

Next, the software of the system is discussed, stepping through each module, describing the implemented radio communication protocol as well.

Finally, I write briefly about the experience of testing the system, and draw further directions and possibilities in the development.


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