Website for browsing plane tickets based on Node.js and Vue.js technologies

OData support
Kis-Nagy Dániel Dávid
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

During the rapidly fast development of technology the transportation also developed at least that fast, a lot of new transportation mode appeared on the sight of humanity, and these modes have gotten more and more cheap along the time. The results of these development processes are significant: nowadays it is a common transportation mode to travel by plane and not only for the more wealthier people but the people from the lower-middle class also. People want to travel great distances in a short time. With the evolution of the technology people from different cultures get in touch with eachother not only because of work but during holidays or another kind of travelling.

The most powerful and efficient way to travel great distances is to travel by plane and this is why so many people choose this transportation mode. With the more and more growing need and popularity of flying, a lot of new company appeared that offer various flying opportunities. Part of these companies offer cheap prices and low level services and this will attract even more people to this kind of transportation mode. The effect of this growth is that people are having a hard time finding the right company and the right offer for their needs.

It is a great task to plan a flight trip and only a little part of it is to choose the right plane to fly with. My goal is to create a website that helps people make this task easier, to help them plan the trip with providing such services, like making it possible to easily cooperate with your travel partners through the planning process. Through the development of this website it was important for me to make it easily usable, optimize it to the different size and kind of devices and to make it stable and lasting.

My solution introduced in this thesis fits completely the requirements of up-to-date technology standards and expectations from the users, so it has a high chance to become a useful service.


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