Developing robot controller

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Oláh István
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

While writing my thesis I was developing a communication software for the robot controller system which is located at the Department of Automatisation and Applied Informatics. The system was designed by the department to change the old Russian one. With this new system the students can easily be acquainted with high level robot controlling methods. There was an old software on the system but it didn’t make use of the hardware components of the ARC cards sufficiently. My plan is to create a new communication software for the cards which has enough performance and throughput to serve out high level robot controller processes.

In the first two chapters I present the operation of the robot controller system and the ARC cards. Then I introduce shortly the most important parts of the QNX real time operating system. After that I present the main concept of my communication software and then the system processes one by one. Two of them run on the Intel and one on the DSP. At the end of the thesis I introduce the test results and summarize my experiences.


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