Investigation of short term radio connections

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Dr. Csurgai-Horváth László
Department of Broadband Infocommunications and Electromagnetic Theory

The aim of my thesis was to do investigation of short term radio connections. I performed my task at Silicon Laboratories Hungary Ltd. in Budapest, for the design and tests I used the tools assured by the company. My task was to develop a measurement system which can perform investigation regarding to the guided connections that can be built up between the company’s Si446x radio devices. To control the radio IC-s I had to use one product of the National Instruments company, the PXI-6552 digital I/O card, which ensures fast operation, short testing time. Firstly I would like to report about the development of the measurement system’s control software. For programming I used the Agilent VEE software. For measurements between the IC-s I had to build a programmable attenuator in the system. Also I had to design a graphical user interface, which allows us setting easily the measuring parameters such as TX frequency, FSK frequency deviation, data rate, output power and several packet parameters. After presenting the control software, some problems are introduced that had to be solved in the course of designing. After completing building up the measurement system, I had to perform tests regarding to the reception of packets by changing the measuring parameters’ values. At the end of my thesis I summarise the test results with graphs and give some explanation.


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