Development of SAP EAM application for maintenance of enterprise asset with measuring points

OData support
Dr. Villányi Balázs János
Department of Electronics Technology

The tasks of my Diploma Thesis was the creation of application for the searching and displaying measuring points and measuring documents. The module Plant Maintenance of the Enterprise Asset Management and the applied business documents were presented in the first part of my Thesis.

The tools and technologies used for the implementation were presented in chapter 2. The SAP Build Tool was applied for designing the user interface for the applications. The backend was implemented by the ABAP Core Date Service (CDS) view. The user interface itself was implemented by Fiori Smart Template and JavaScript. The BOF model was applied for the dynamic presentation of the business data. The communication between the frontend and backend is performed by ABAP Odata services.

Chapter 3 introduces the model of the data and the functions available for the users in details. The working and the user interface is presented by the screen designs created in the Build Tool.

The chapter Implementation includes the details of the realization like the presentation of the creation of the CDS views, OData services, user interface and the calculation classes, the BOPF model. Furthermore, this chapter details also the implementation of the quick action, which is required for the creation of the measurement document in the measuring point.

The Thesis ends up with the testing also including the testing of the CDS views and the OData services. The 4. chapter presents the searching of measuring points and measurement documents in the application. Both the List Report and Object page screens are presented. Furthermore, the quick action required for the creation of the measurement document was also tested.


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