Trajectory information measurement of SAR

OData support
Dr. Dudás Levente
Department of Broadband Infocommunications and Electromagnetic Theory

In choosing the topic of my thesis, my consul looked for such a task for me which both helps the development in the Deparment of Broad Band Infocommunications and Electromagnetic Theory and at the same time gives me the chance to improve my professional and engineering career. It was my task to get acquainted with the functioning, picture creation and construction of the Synthetic Aperture Radar belonging to the Radar Research team.

I had to observe what kind of fault can cause in the picture creation, the changing of the small plane’s trajectory used for carrying the radar and of course how these faults can be measured and determined for detecting faults and correcting the possible mistakes.

In half a year I had to plan a device which aim was to measure all the trajectory information, what is able to make a serial communication with the existing SAR equipment and PC as well. At the same time it must have been able to measure the actual acceleration and the angular velocity along three axis. During the planning the equipment was completed with a GPS module as well.

Due to the complexity of the task I had to cope with many obstacles, problems during the construction and I also had to get acquainted with many programs and applications. Among these programs I had to mention the CAD based planning of the circuit and the printed circuit layout. The MPLAB development environment used for the programming of the microcontroller were also used by me. I also get acquainted with PIC microcontrollers, communication sensors with I2C digital interface and with the types of serial communicating GPS modules and their functioning and of course with the limits and construction phases of the printed circuit.


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