SATA controller with FPGA

OData support
Oláh István
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

The demand of huge amount of reliable high speed data storage is increasing in the industrial applications, too. We have to store even more than 10GB with more than 100 MB/s speed and, of course, we have to protect our data against failures and blackouts. In today’s technological conditions, for these functions, the best devices are SSDs (Solid State Drive). These machines use the popular and nearly autocrat SATA interface for communication.

My task was to plan a SATA controller, wich compatible with MTA SZTAKI’s FPGA based UAV (Unmanned aerial vehicle) system. The controller has to provide the conditions of the previus paragraph. The design was planed in general way to keep the compatible of other projetcs in most part of the controller. In this method, we got a benefit: we can use these controller in very different applications to make data storage easier.

The thesis shows the SATA standard concerning parts and the special FPGA functions, which supports the implementations. Also include the button-to-top design method, over and above a test design which demonstrates the reached result.


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