Extending the SOA Metamodelling Framework with Oracle Tool Support

OData support
Dr. Simon Balázs
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

Nowadays it is becoming more important to connect different informatic systems, specially in company level. The principles for this are given by the SOA (Service Oriented Architecture) paradigm. One of the possible realisation is the technology of webservices. This technology provides a standardized, platform independent communication method. Many manufacturer offer tools for making and running webservices, but these are mightly diversified, that’s why the portability and interoperability is very limited.

To solve this problem, a modelling framework has been made at the IIT department. With this framework a platform independent web service can easily be made. The generator can generate runnable web service for two popular software environments. It is necessary to support more software environment, so the framework will be more platform-independent. For this reason, during the thesis I am going to examine the Oracle software platform, which is capable of making and running web services. I plan and implement the supplement for the codegenerator of the modeling framework, so the framework will be capable of generating a webservice for the Oracle sofware environment.


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