Implementation of SOA-based Distributed Systems Using Dynamic ESB

OData support
Huszerl Gábor Tamás
Department of Measurement and Information Systems

In my thesis I wrote about programming for the Enterprise Service Bus (ESB), the central part of the Service Oriented Architecture. I reiterated the main working principles of an SOA style system, and looked at what ESB and messaging middleware functionality is required to be provided for achieving the main design goals of such an SOA-style system.

I defined and tested – on a prototype system – a design concept for developing dynamic ESB solutions. I defined my concept of dynamic ESB as an ESB solution that can be reconfigured without the means of programming, and which is capable of selecting its operating processes based on the incoming messages and its own state. The document describes the basic ESB functionality, and building on that the dynamic ESB concept, and presents a prototype solution. Furthermore I examined the possibilities of extending the dynamic ESB framework to provide load balancing and high availability for the backend services. The dynamic ESB prototype solution was augmented for this purpose.

The prototype solution was developed on the IBM WebSphere Message Broker ESB platform.


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