Developing a TV series related application on Windows 8 platform

OData support
Fekete Krisztián
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics


Nowadays, there are more and more good quality TV shows, which we can see whenever we want on the internet, not just at a fixed time. Therefore the series watching become one of the people’s most favorite activity. People claim services, which provides up to date information about series with some social feature.

The purpose of my thesis, is to develop an application, what can serve this claims, make the content consumption more comfortable, and connect it with a social experience.

Microsoft with its youngest operating system the Windows 8 and 8.1 appoint a new way in application development.

In my paper I present my chosen platform the Windows 8’s specificity. I show the problems and there solutions what occurred at my application’s development, and some programming techniques e.g.: dependency injection, MVVM pattern. I present the structure of my application’s screens and the implementation of the provided features with C# and XAML technologies. I discuss in detail some platform specific features. I get the data from a free access web service, what contains many details about the American TV shows, and provide social services. I show how I integrate this service to my application environment.


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