Development of an online logic puzzle server

OData support
Dr. Pataki Béla József
Department of Measurement and Information Systems

Looking for logic puzzles on the internet, you can find two basic types of results: good games and good puzzles. In the intersection of these two categories there are a few privileged puzzle types like Sudoku. It is exceedingly hard to find a good game paired up with quality puzzles. However, there is a great deal of good puzzles in a non-playable (usually printable) form on the internet.

What could be the reason why the good games rarely meet with good puzzles? Probably the main issue is, that game developers are not puzzle creators and puzzle creators are not game developers. If we could somehow resolve this problem, it would make way for many great puzzles to get to their audience.

In my thesis I investigate this situation and I propose a solution to it. I have developed a web application that connects game developers with puzzle creators. This could be favorable for both parties. Game developers no longer have to pay attention to the quality of their puzzles and spend more time on the quality of their application itself. Through these applications, puzzles can get to a much broader audience.

As part of my thesis I have developed this web application, and to present it's functionalities I have created a game client and a puzzle generator program. With these applications we can observe every aspect of the system.


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