Software application supporting vertigo diagnostics

OData support
Dr. Benyó Balázs István
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

The digitization of healthcare and its support with the help of information technology can serve as a solution to the urging problem of the sector’s lack of resources. In my thesis I worked on the development of a mobile application that can play a part of the digitization process mentioned above. My job was to design and implement an application that helps detecting the cause of dizziness. As first step I conducted a literature research on m-health and the diagnosis of dizziness. During this process I did not encounter a similar application to my software. The importance of my work was proved by the number of people suffering from dizziness as well as the lack of resources, and professionals needed to detect the background of the symptoms. The primary functions of the application that I have developed for mobile phones with Android operating systems on them, are the diagnostics support with a query of specific questions, and a graph that can contain an everyday notation for the intensity of the dizziness. The completed application is designed to support the diagnostics of the disease according to the user's symptom, to record the symptoms and to monitor their severity. By collecting these data, it is possible to trace the aggravation or relieving of the condition of the patient. Continuous recording of the symptoms will give useful information to those, who are skilled in the given area, and with this, they can save time and other costly resources.


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