Server room monitoring hardware designing

OData support
Kardos Gergely
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

Services offered by the Internet became part of our everyday life completely. For this reason the supervision of the Internet providing servers becomes very important to eliminate the malfunctions that may occur in the system.

The aim of the present thesis is the presentation of designing and construction of a server room supervising system, which is suitable for monitoring the main server room features. These properties are temperature, humidity and the presence of electric supply. The system has a central unit and several sensor modules that provide measured data for the main unit through radio frequency channel. In case of an emergency, the instrument should provide an option for sending an SMS alert. An embedded Linux-based board provides the basis for the main device. The device must have its own battery, which allows to remain operational in case of power failure for at least 12 hours. The part of the system is a PC and an Android side client, which make the monitored data reachable and some basic operations can be made with them in the monitored room.

This paper describes the designing steps of the hardware and the implementation of software components of the whole system.


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