Visualization of human resources

OData support
Dr. Kovács Gábor
Department of Telecommunications and Media Informatics

In our modern world humanity realized that, if they work in a group for a common goal they can reach it easier and faster than working alone. A typical modern group structure is called organization. Within the organization hierarchy can be formed between members. We need to store information about members to make the organization structure more clear and understandable for everyone. The best way to show an organization is organizational chart.

In my thesis I design and implement a visualization component which is able to connect to an existing HRM system. The main subject of the visualization is to show the changes of the company in the time scale. An average HRM system doesn’t handle historical data changes. In the HRM system what I choose (OrangeHRM) a function had to be created to handle past data storage. The visualization uses the newest web technologies to dynamically show the changes of the company.

In the first and second chapter I talk about visualization’s most important definitions and technics. In the third chapter I make an overview about organizations and HR divisions, then I observe the available HRM systems, which has a similar function as mine. In the fourth chapter I design the visualization system and it’s component, how it would connect to the chosen HRM system. In the fifth and sixth chapter I present my solution in detail. In the seventh chapter I summarize the thesis and talk about the possible further developments.


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