Simulator design for testing location-based services

OData support
Dr. Szatmári Zoltán
Department of Measurement and Information Systems

Nowadays accodring to the spread of smartphones, the demand for location-based services has increased. Positioning device integration has become a basic requirement for these kind of gadgets. Thereby developers were given more opportunities on LBS-based applications.

During my studies of the Project Laboratory subject, I got an opportunity to use the LBS system developed by an external company. The basic function of the IneTrack Location Based Service is displaying positions, based on Google Maps API, using Web-Application User Interface. The main task was to create a simulator that uses the service and is able to manage a navigation plan. It was necessary to understand the operation of the system, the protocol (Simple Client Protocol) structure, and build the appropriate message.

The basic aim of my thesis is developing the simulator, in regards to implement more realistic navigation algorithm. The primary requirement was to ensure staying on the road while the object is moving at a realistic speed, altitude, direction and position. The variety of different parameters are obtained by changing the possibility of a real-time movement, close to real-path routing to determine admittance. The simulator is a well-established test environment that can be provided to create a real-time motion model. As a result, we can develop the real system optimization and error correction algorithm with the injection of various events (eg. engine stop).

The Google Maps API provides the technological background. I use the Web-Service based Google Maps Direction to get directions between two positions. The result of the service is a JSON object, which can be processed and decoded to get the message and read the route characteristics. The simulation can be upgraded by integrating real traffic events and calculation of different paramteres.

In my thesis, I get acquainted with a number of significant technology and many other potential topic exist for further developing. Using my simulator, I can test other routing algorithms, refine the kinetic model or may be implement a various kind of regulatory systems.


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