Software and hardware development for BME FRT electronic system

OData support
Scherer Balázs Attila
Department of Measurement and Information Systems

I have written this M.Sc. thesis based on the works and experiences, I have gathered as the leader of the Electronics group of the BME Formula Racing Team since the fall of 2009. In the prologue I will give you a very short introduction to the Formula Racing series as well as to our team.

During the demonstration of the Team I will present thoroughly the Electronics group, where I would like to give an overview about our system, then I will explain each module in detail. There are already a lot of B.Sc and M.Sc theses about our system, but they are generally focusing only on a single module. Here I would like describe a system from these single units, which is the first main topic of my thesis.

During this, we will see how complex our system is, then it will be easily to understand, that we are not able to do any development projects ‘ad hoc-like’ anymore. We need a framework, which helps us running projects. This framework is built up by development processes and these processes will be explained in details too. Beside this framework, there was a need to building up a common hardware and software platform, because with the help of this platform we do not need to start from the completely beginning by the development of every new units. With this method we spare time and resources for the Team too. Some of the core modules of the hardware platform was also developed by me. There is processor board, called STAMP and an USB Dongle able to program the STAMP. In the thesis detailed description about them will be given too.

In the last topic of my M.Sc thesis I will go through the development process of the Sensor Interface module and I will show how can the common platforms be used. In this phase I have put a great emphasis on showing how helpful can these processes be make your work a lot easier.

As a summary of my done work in the Electronics Group of the BME Formula Racing Team, I can say that I have experienced the specificity of the development of automotive embedded systems with all of their difficulties and beauty too. What is more, with the learned project management basics I have become able to lead development projects.


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