Dance and fitness partner searching solution on Java platform

OData support
Dr. Ekler Péter
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

Over the last few years information society has undergone rapid change. The applications formerly running in desktop environments were gradually replaced by web technologies. These are widely spread nowadays, are continuously improved and becoming more and more useful in finding solutions for a variety of problems. The need has arisen for distributed, multi-user and corporate level software architectures that are easily manageable, maintainable and can be reached from anywhere, anytime. These traits are rarely found in desktop applications

Several requirements emerged during the development of complex IT systems, such as scalability, remote accessing, security, etc. Global solutions for these problems were provided by Java EE first. This technology appeared in 1999, has been under development and is widely used in the implementation of business applications ever since. In the meantime web frameworks appeared, simplifying developers' lives further by fixing some flaws in JEE, speeding up the development process and increasing maintainability. By using these frameworks we can avoid unnecessary implementation of code snippets that are present in every such system

Such a solution among others is Spring Framework that is one of the foundation-stones of my thesis. I chose it because it is open source and has a growing reputation among both private and commercial users as it's potential and advantages against other frameworks are getting recognised. Because of the size of the supporting community it is very well documented and by studying it I can obtain a competitive and useful professional knowledge that I can apply in several areas in the industry.

To obtain this knowledge I have implemented a web application that can indirectly help in the solution of a known problem in our world which is socialization and making contact with others. It also provides means for cultural recreation and active relaxation. By using it one is able to find ideal partners for dancing and physical training, communicate with them and post advertisements and social events for such gatherings.


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