Development of a map based toolkit for a business intelligence framework

OData support
Dr. Simon Vilmos
Department of Networked Systems and Services

Information on operational units, processes, products and trends are inevitable for making well grounded business decisions. Organized, filtered and appropriately presented data is a prerequisite for the assessment of the current status for the identification of the next steps to follow.

The term business intelligence (BI) summarizes all technologies and application methods that help to overview, survey, measure and track the operation of an organization, and support the decision making. In other words, the goal of BI systems is to simplify the access to the relevant information.

The topic of my thesis is a visualization module for BI systems, an interactive, map based data display widget.

The first part of my thesis gives an overview on business intelligence systems, including the detailed description of two market products. I also summarize the theoretical and practical state of the art of web based map solutions.

The main part of my work is the design of a lightweight, interactive, map based data visualization widget, and its implementation with two different technologies. The tool, using a freely extendable map base, supports point and area based data visualization with several interaction options (drill-down, information bubbles, sliders). Optionally, a time dimension can also be associated with the data. The widget is built upon modern thin client technologies, and for its simple API, can be easily integrated with business intelligence frameworks.

I executed complex functional, platform independence and stress tests on the widgets; and identifies the advantages and bottlenecks of each solution. Finally, I gave recommendations under which circumstances which technology is more effective to use.


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