Automatic test application for SIMANICS frequency converters

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Oláh István
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

Testing and development of the various tests are made in Tcl language at evosoft Hungary Kft. Industrial Automation & Drive Technologies sector. The current testautomation software is operating on UNIX platform. The thesis aims to create a testautomation software based on Windows platform for testing the SINAMICS engine family.

The Microsoft. NET developer framework has been chosen for this goal, the graphical user interface is in C#. The thesis includes the entire concept to realize, which is responsive to the characteristics and operation of the test automation division. Based on the old testautomation software, using the parts, that can be used in the new software too, the implementation of a new testautomation software is introduced, which works only on Windows platform.

The software consists of a client and a server side, and these are communicating via TCP / IP protocol. The file transfer was made by zip compressed files. The server side communicates via CORBA interface with a service software, that parametrize and handles the SINAMICS with RS485 PROFIBUS using native C++ dinamic linked libraries, and RS232 serial port. The thesis also contains the realization of SINAMICS PROFIBUS protocol based communication, and the way, how to integrate a Tcl interpreter. This document introduces particularly the used technologies, protocols, and the operation of the softwares, that were made by using them, and the design of the graphical user interface.

The implementation of an XML configuration file manager application, which is necessary for the testautomation software is also presented in the thesis.


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