Multi-axis positioning with the use ofPLC controlled Sinamics drives

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Oláh István
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

The use of devices that require precise positioning is more and more common in the field of industrial process control. Besides their frequent use, these devices possess a great amount of importance, since a well-planned position control might have an indirect impact on the production of a given plant.

This thesis is based on a specific industrial application, and its main goal is to solve a problem that came forward during the installation of a welding station in a transformer factory. In addition, it aims to model the drive system of the station and reproduce its operation.

In the thesis I introduce the Sinamics S120 drive system, and with the use of these components I set up a model of the welding station and implement its PLC controlled multi-axis positioning. Regarding the mentioned installation problem, load sharing considerations are also taken into account in the course of the solution.


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