Handling User Preferences for Charge Control using Web Based Technologies

OData support
Huszerl Gábor Tamás
Department of Measurement and Information Systems

Nowadays it’s getting trendier to think green, to use renewable energy sources or for example drive electric vehicles. During the procedure of creating my thesis I developed a web application, which enables to its users to control the process of charging their electric vehicles.

The first part of the task was to choose a web framework that meets the requirements imposed on the software. The main demand was the ability of using Java language. I created a set of three frameworks (Vaadin, Google Web Toolkit, Spring MVC), and I analysed them and finally chose Google Web Toolkit.

After choosing the framework I designed the basic set-up of the application. I separated it into two modules, FrontEnd and BackEnd. During the additional detailed designing, and testing processes I used this separation too.

At first I created the database during the work out of the BackEnd module. Next I connected it to the software and implemented some web services offering the remote usage of database operations. After this I created the user interface, and then added the functions to its elements.

During the implementation phase, after finising every module I tested each, because later it was a base of the next function.


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