Development of a Public Transport Route Planning Service

OData support
Gincsai Gábor
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

The route planning problem is as old as human civilization. Traders and later the messengers, kings and virtually everyone were in order to get to their destination quickly, safely and cost-effectively. As science progressed, it became increasingly easier to solve the problem, and the solution was also getting closer and closer to the everyday people.

Today, computers and advanced pathfinder algorithms are available for everyone. The performance of CPUs are so large that even a cell phone is capable for creating an optimal plan from one end of Europe to another, within a few seconds on the traditional road network. Unfortunately, this is not true to public transport networks, which were getting more and more complex during the last century, due to the natural urban developments. Giving an effective solution to the latter problem still seems to be a difficult task and represents an active research area.

With this thesis work, I'd like to present this special case. During my work a web service, and for demonstration purposes two related clients were created: a website and a mobile application. For providing an implementation with proper quality, I was needed to do careful engineering and some in-depth research work, which are also documented in this paper.


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