On-line Processing of Stock Market Data

OData support
Dr. Kovácsházy Tamás
Department of Measurement and Information Systems

Nowadays, the majority of large companies and large banks do his administration through its own portals. These portals should be operating on a high-quality level and has to be controlled as well. Basic requirements of theese portals are the long-term and reliable operations, which is essential for easy scalability and sustainability. This is necessary to maintain competitiveness among other competitors, using the latest technologies.

My job was to implement a software that meets the needs of a large enterprise. This software is for a large bank that can capture new customers, maintain existing customers (data modification, deletion) and make deals to the stock market. In addition, I need to use a nowadays popular Angular JS technology, and to implement pages that are responsive. These needs to be according to today's trends, and can be used without loss of functionality program in different devices.

During my work I planned a three-tier architecture, and I discuss the details in my thesis. I got acquainted with the latest technologies, such as the bootstrap, Angular JS, Java EE 7, and plenty of other things too, which details I will present.

The complete system meets the required functions, so adapting to different screen resolutions, displays surfaces without loss of function. It can draw graph from historical stock data, modify the database and do offers to stock market.


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