Design and implementation of a UDS test automation system

OData support
Oláh István
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

During my thesis I gathered a lot of useful knowledge about the testing ECU-s (Engine Control Unit) used in the automotive industry. First I studied the UDS (Unified Diagnostics Services) standard which describes the communication between an external tester and the ECU. After that, I had to study the hardware and software tools of Vector, in my case with the program CANoe. This program is able to run .NET test modules.

In the next step I started to develop my test automat, which exact name is COMBaT (COM Basic Test Tool). It has two main function, first it should be able to generate testmodules and after that running them. Second it should fill in a BOSCH template for the testengineers. In both cases the input is an XML file. The programming language is C#, which satisfies all program requirements.

After the tool was finished, I generated tests with it, and I tested the correct working of the program in practice. After running the modules, I examined the testreports and evaluated them. The COMBaT was made for active usage, and I hope it will work well in the future.


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