Design and development of CRM and auditing system with web technologies

OData support
Schulcz Róbert
Department of Networked Systems and Services

Because of the improvement of informatics nowadays it is unimaginable to small firms or multinational companies not to use information technology devices both at software and hardware levels. In order to be able to communicate properly it is indispensable to apply a well-functioning network that can be a small local network or the so popular Internet.

With the help of laptops, tablet PCs and I-Phones, it has already been possible to have access to the Internet fast, safely and independently on their locations. As a result of this, web applications that have continuously kept step with technical and appliers demands are stressed greatly among the softwares. The web 2.0 applications appeared that make the realisation of more complex programs possible on the web surface.

For companies in the service sector it is needed to have a record system that is able to classify, store and handle the data of clients, moreover to have an economic system that deals with the incomes and outcomes of the services. Several types of record and economic systems can be found on the market, but these belong to the pay-category and are mainly too general. It is insignificant to be able to order any upgraded moduls that would make the system specialise for the companies. On the basis of this, the demand of a system that combines CRM and auditing systems for companies providing webhosting service has been aroused.

This paper tries to present the development of web applications and outlines their general structures and their operations. It studies the demands of a selected industrial sector, in this current case of a webhosting service provider. It deals with the steps of planning and realising this software that tries to fulfill the emerged demands and with the applied technologies. It presents the moduls and functions of the completed program in detail, then it also considers the various results and at last it tries to suggest further possibilities for development.


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