Customer Relationship Management Web Application for Online Adminstration

OData support
Dr. Rövidné Dr. Bogárdi-Mészöly Ágnes
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

Nowadays a lot of companies offer similar products and services, therefore instead of basing their choice only on quality and price, clients started to take other aspects into consideration. These aspects usually include the level of customer care and the available customer services. With the help of customer relationship managers, companies can improve these fields since these systems make storing and processing client data much easier and help customer service representatives in organizing their tasks effectively.

My thesis presents the planning and implementation of an online customer relationship manager application. Although there are plenty of customer relationship manager systems, most of them are designed for larger corporations, therefore it can be difficult for smaller companies to find the software which is suitable both in functionality and in price.

I would like to provide solution to this problem by creating a web application that provides a quick and easy way of communication for a smaller company and its clients. Using my application, companies would be able to share their clients’ requests between their employees and to follow the progress of these requests.

The application has been implemented using ASP .NET and C#. After presenting the technologies I used (chapter 2), I describe the architecture of the application (chapter 4.1) and the structure of the data layer (chapter 4.2). After that I give details on user management and on the implementation of the features (chapters 4.3-4.5). Besides implementing the main functionality, I also focused on making the application user friendly.

If a company would like to use my application, all they need to do is create the categories and forms according to their portfolio. However, switching from regular e-mails to this application can be difficult since currently it does not support importing an existing e-mail account. If I had a chance to continue the development, I would certainly implement this missing feature so that using this application would not come with any disadvantages.


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