Implementation of Business Processes in a Bank System

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Cserkúti Péter
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

János Pinczés


Consultant: Péter Cserkúti



Every bank product, including credit lines, account management, securities management, involves the phases and these phases include activities related to this product. I case of an account, for example, at first we have to create an account and then when the account activated the account holder can withdraw money from it, put a certain amount on it, or even make transfer to the account and from the account. In the final phase however we are able to delete the account. Based on the same logic, each product has its own phases. When the customer enters the bank, the administrator follows long procedure of filling fields of a screen, making printouts and asking the customer for information. Each product-related activity, every phase has an own procedure.

The processes of the screen opening, data transfer, printing can be solved by software too. Application of the software provides an opportunity to log processes. In this case we control number of opened accounts, and the duration of the different activities of the operators. The implementation of these operations by means of the software has another great advantage too, the operations are faster and performed according to the rules, and in such way considerably reducing the possibility of operator errors. There are very important tasks for any bank the quick service for the customers, logging the operations. A complete software implementation of these operations was realized to help these processes. The software also provides a development environment.

The reader can read about the real steps of the project realization, during which we implemented using a customer assist software two banking process. One of the bank processes is the customer's establishment, while the other is the creation of the account. Since the process implementation cannot be done without the development environment, and without the relevant knowledge about the software and hardware components, so the reader can have a general picture about them too. He can get to know implementation a customer with problems of this and with solutions of the individual problems. You can learn about a customer assist software implementations, problems and the solutions of certain problems during the implementation. It is all about implementation so he can also read advantages and disadvantages in the banks. It is a real implementation in a real bank, so you can read about the advantages and disadvantages of our implementations in real case.

Implementation of the two processes was made for a foreign bank, so the description of working abroad is an integral part of the thesis. Because it was the introduction of software for the first time in a foreign bank, so the "pioneering work" difficulties will also be discussed. At the end of the essay as a synopsis will be summarized the future potential of the two implementations and the value-added will analysed too.


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