Ultrasonic Distance Measurement with a Microcontroller-based Device

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Dr. Iváncsy Szabolcs
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

Determination of distance is a common problem when it comes to industry or even everyday life. There are many ways to measure distance. One of these methods is called ultrasound distance measurement. It is very cost-efficient and the necessary instruments are accessible for everyone and can be purchased in a great variety. In spite of this, choosing the suitable telemeter requires caution. The difference between devices consists of the accuracy of measurement and the number of functions the device is able to perform. Besides distance measurement, a high-level telemeter has to attend to many other spoken and unspoken needs of the customer.

In my thesis, I am going to introduce the design of a telemetric system consisting of a main unit and a remote controller.The main unit is provided with an LCD display and a keyboard. Saving data can be done automatically or manually. Frequency of saving and the brightness of the display can be set by the user, as well as the used ultrasonic module, one of which was designed by me as part of my thesis. The other module is one of those available for purchase. Accuracy of the measurement can be adjusted using the data collected by a built-in thermometer. Settings and collected data can be stored in an EEPROM.

The remote controller and the main unit communicate by means of radio interface. The remote controller can be used to access the basic functions of the main unit, such as performing measurements. Collected data can be shown on a seven-segment display and an LED bar. The controller is ideal to use when driving in reverse. It gives an accelerating sound signal with as the distance decreases.


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