Roadside Parking in Smart Cities

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Dr. Fehér Gábor
Department of Telecommunications and Media Informatics

Nowadays, the usage of intelligent transport systems (especially in metropolitan areas) became common in the public transportation, as well as in private transport. Lots of people prefer their cars as the means of transport, many of them commute between their homes and their places of work. This makes it sometimes very difficult to find free parking spots in downtown areas or other crowded locations. The development of technology and the rapid spreading of smartphones, tablets can provide a solution for this problem.

Recently, there are even more and more parking applications able for download in various mobile app stores. Here in Budapest, in a collaboration of ETIK and TMIT started a new project aiming to develop a similar, efficient parking guidance application, in which I also participate.

In my thesis I point out what makes a parking application successful, what functions have to be implemented to be really useful for everyday motorists. I will show the architecture required for the backend service, presenting the examined databases, server side solutions and route planning algorithms. The thesis guides you through the planning and implementation phases as well.


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