Digital modelling of a vacuum-tube guitar pre-amplifier

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Mócsai Tamás
Department of Networked Systems and Services


The task of the student is to apply the black-box digital modeling process to a tube guitar amplifier, considering the nonlinear characteristics of these devices responsible for the typical overall sound of guitar amplifiers.

In order to do so following tasks have to be performed:

- A short introduction to the processes used for the description and identification of nonlinear systems based on the studies on the subject,

- A detailed review on the Hammerstein model based nonlinear identification process.

- Review the nonlinear modeling process known as dynamic convolution and the identification possibilities of the model.

- Perform the identification of a specific tube guitar amplifier using the two processes shown above on different amplifier settings (gain, volume, lean/crunch/ etc channels).

- Implement the data into MATLAB and evaluate the results (sounds) of the model based on objective and subjective aspects with the help of appropriately chosen sound samples and measuring signals.

- Analyze and examine the implemented models based on their real-time feasibility!


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