Development of a real-time strategy game

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Dr. Szécsi László
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

The topic of my thesis is the design and development of a real-time strategy game.

In this type of game the player controls a large amount of units, with high level commands. Because of this, a unit must act autonomously to execute the given commands. The independent intelligence of units determines the game experience. The most important aspect is the movement of the units, or rather the pathfinding logic that serves the execution of moving commands.

In my thesis I will briefly explain the duties of game engines, and the tasks that appear especially in strategy games. I will discuss the most important of these tasks, pathfinding, in detail. Also, I will introduce its theoretical backgrounds and a practical implementation for it.

After that I will discuss the object oriented structure and functioning of the software in detail.

Developers of modern computer games use the C++ language and the Direct3D graphics application programming interface almost all the time, that is why I have chosen this development environment for my computer game as well.


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