Development of real-time CAN-Ethernet gateway functionality into modular railway brake control system

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Dr. Harmati István
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

Nowadays the use of Ethernet based networks is becoming more common, it mainly be attributed to the versatility and favorable price of the technology. Ethernet can be used in various environments: computer networks, process control systems, on-board electronics of passenger vehicles and also railway vehicles. The elements of Knorr Bremse ESRA Evolution modular brake control system are connected to each other via a multi-level communication network, whose lower layers are implemented with CAN bus. The latest developments envisaged the substitution of L1 CAN bus with Ethernet, so a need incurred to develop a new CAN-Ethernet gateway. This thesis contains the design, implementation and testing of such a gateway functionality. As a part of the pre-design research both communication protocols are introduced, commercially available CAN-Ethernet gateways are compared and also the operation of ESRA Evolution brake control system is analyzed. After the design and implementation of the gateway software component I have tested the functionality, to make sure it works correctly.


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