Real-time Production Monitoring

OData support
Dr. Loványi István
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

Today the "Lean production" is very common approach in manufacturing, which was previously only applied by global corporations. This methodology of continuous quality improvement and making efforts to increase efficiency is based on processes of eliminating waste, which is not related to the final manufactured products.

A process for detecting errors early in production and high efficiency of collecting information is essential, and could not operate without a proper IT back-end. The service bus architecture collects real time data from the various production and processing systems, and it could visualize it within specific reports or an Andon lights.

The subject of this Master Thesis is an introduction of lean management and implementation an architecture supporting the data collection. This resulted in the creation of a system event bus, which supports events dispatching to various destinations in Microsoft .NET Framework 4. Furthermore, a generic implementation is created to assist in the development of publisher-subscriber model architecture by means of composition of generic building blocks.


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