Decision Support System for Shopping using Modern Web and Mobile Technologies

OData support
Cserkúti Péter
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

Shopping is part of our daily routine. Significant part of the family income is given away during these daily shoppings, however we generally do not make much effort to reduce our expenses as much as possible while we are wondering among the selves filling our baskets.

Nowadays - partly because of the economical downturn – there are more and more people who realize how important it is to cut down on their daily costs, but they have no proper tool to easily control their expenses while they are doing the shopping.

Topic of here by thesis is a system, which helps customers to make their decisions more easily in order to cut down on daily expenses. The software is to be reached by two surfaces: on a web application and a mobile client. This application has been set up to be user-friendly and easy of attainment.

While designing this software, most important aim was to create an architecture as robust and testable as possible. For the sake of the cause, separation of each level was important is the three-layered architecture.

Beyond designing and implementing the application, this thesis also concerns topics as for example defining customer decision conducive systems and presenting other similar products presently available on the market to put our application into context. The thesis ends with presenting ideas concerning to the improvement of the product and of course with the summary of the project.


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