Configuring and measuring a wireless sensor node in compliance with ETSI directives

OData support
Fehér Gábor
Department of Broadband Infocommunications and Electromagnetic Theory

Nowadays, thanks to the large number and development of the electronic devices around us, solutions were born to connect these to each other by the way of wireless communication. To do so, the connected devices must be prepared to cooperate with each other’s operating parameters, and regulations must be taken to avoid causing harm in their proper use. In my thesis I present the radio frequency communication by using EFM32 Zero Gecko’s sensor environment to measure the ambient temperature and the relative humidity values. While solving the problem I used the C general-purpose programming language. The selected device is highly energy-efficient, and it is capable of the radio frequency data transmit of the measurement results for many years with just a single lithium battery. I examined the compliance of the selected device to the relevant standards by using spectrum analyzer. While I solved my thesis, I obtained knowledge that makes me capable in the future to connect multiple devices to each other and reach them from a single terminal.


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