Automated functional testing of electrical drives

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Dr. Kádár István
Department of Electric Power Engineering

In my thesis work I deal with the automated testing of the SINAMICS S120, which is a product of Siemens Company. The SINAMICS S120 is a modern frequency converter, based on voltage inverter.

I give a brief overview of the principle of operation, the structure and the main scope of the SINAMICS S120 PWM inverter. The SINAMICS S120 is a modular frequency converter, so i review the moduls of this drive system in detail. Also I write brifly about the encoders (different absolut, and incremental encoders) and motors that I used mostly in my work (I deal with BLDC, BLAC and induction motors).

I show the goal and the process of the SINAMICS S120 inverter’s testing in detail, then I write about the aspects and the requirements of the testrack’s planning.

I review the steps of planning of the planned testrack, emphasizing the choosing and sizing of the power electrical and informatical components, and the concrete build-up of testrack.

At last I examine the function of the testrack with the execution of some tests. I show some of the functions of the frequency converter whit these tests.


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