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Dr. Loványi István
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

Nowadays it becomes more important, that the different disabled also can live a full life. Today we can find many devices in retail sales, which make the people's weekdays better. I will write about a tool in my dissertation, what can give a hand for blinds. The device first maps the nearby objects, then measures the range of the closest object, and generates 3D sound, whose intensity is proportional to the distance and depending on the position of this object.

The design and the implementation of the device will be discussed. We will see the existing solutions and the selection mode of the used sensors. The operation of these sensors and the used components will also be discussed. We will discuss the problems od the planning and the implementation, and the reason, why couldn't be realized the application completely. A dedicated session will be written about the testing and the testing results. As part of the summary, finally we will analyze the opportunities for further development.   


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