Continuous integration and testing solution in virtualized environment

OData support
Dr. Simon Csaba
Department of Telecommunications and Media Informatics

The topic of my Thesis was the design of a solution that provides a framework for automated continuous integration process, designed to work in a virtualized environment. There are many advantages of test automation. Most are related to the repeatability of the tests, the speed at which the tests can be executed and to cover all features need to be tested. The core component of my work was a Maven application. The tested software was an IT solution to archive data in the cloud environment with a graphical user interface (GUI) which lets the users query my archived data. Being a web based application with a GUI, I used a tool that represented an end user by human mimicking. I used Jenkins to schedule the periodic time for automatically build, and the UI test will be executed by that trigger regularly. My final solution also relied on the Selenium software-testing framework and the Cucumber framework to define test cases. The virtualization environment was assured by the containerization of my solution, using the Docker technology. I used the Allure framework to generate the reports. Finally, I validate my solution by testing the application and measuring the completion time of the testing process.


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