Developing a glider weather forecasting system on Windows Phone platform

OData support
Fekete Krisztián
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

During my thesis my task was making a weather forecasting application which may be used in gliding. The goal was creating an app that can provide information specifically for glider pilots while being able to support planning of the task to be flown and choosing the right tactics. During the design phase of the application the main aspect was providing the user with processed, useful informations so he/she doesn’t have to spend hours trying to collect relevant information from unprocessed sets of data available on the internet. As a glider pilot this problem used to cause me severe vexation when planning my flights, therefore I selected the functions and data to be implemented in the app to be helpful for the pilot in choosing the right way to fly the planned task. I considered two data sources important to achieve this goal: these are the radiosondes and the METAR system. Radiosondes provides us data about the temperatures of certain layers of the atmosphere which enables us to forecast several relevant paramteres in gliding while METAR data gives us a detailed and brief description of the actual weather in the area of the weather station helping to monitor and refine the forecast.

Therefore I consider this application a significant aid for pilots and I belive this will fill a gap in the market as to my knowledge, there is no other application like this neither for Windows Phone nor any other mobile platforms.

In this paper I am going to present the stucture of the application and the significant phases of design and development as well as demonstrating the function and comparing its results with the forecasts official websites.


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